Capitol Hill Occupiers Slide Their Way to Freedom

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 5, 2011

Dozens of Occupy Seattle protesters used a slide to escape from police (WHEEEEEE!) after a SWAT team raided an abandoned warehouse taken over by the group on Capitol Hill over the weekend, an Occupy Seattle member tells PubliCola.

A large group of Occupy Seattle protesters took over the warehouse on at 10th Ave. and Union St. Saturday night for a "fundraiser," and barricaded themselves inside when police showed up. After about 10 hours—around 3:45 am—a police SWAT team used a fire truck to enter an upper floor of the warehouse in order to kick the partiers out.

Police eventually arrested 16 men or women for trespassing, but it appears dozens more people who attended the warehouse occupation were able to get away from the cops by using a slide in the building to escape to another floor and then out a rear door.

A law enforcement source tells PubliCola SPD did not have officers monitoring the back door of the building.  Crafty protesters who wanted to leave the building and avoid arrest were able to slide to freedom.

Photo by Doug Cassidy.
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