Opponents of Initiative 1183, the Costco-backed liquor privatization initiative, have filed another lawsuit---this one in Cowlitz County---charging that the measure violates the state constitution's rule that legislation can only address a single subject. Because 1183 not only privatizes liquor sales, but also deregulates wine and liquor distribution and eliminates restrictions on booze advertising, the plaintiffs argue, it violates the single-subject rule.

The plaintiffs in the Cowlitz County case include Jeff Uberuaga, who owns two Red Apple stores (small grocery stores would not be allowed to sell liquor under the measure), and Jim Cooper, president of the Washington Association of Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention.

“I-1183 creates an alcohol beverage system that is less regulated than anywhere else in the nation," Uberuaga said in a statement. "This new system only benefits the largest retail chain stores to the detriment of a number of local businesses, their employees and consumers.”

Yesterday, two unions filed a similar lawsuit against 1183 in King County.
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