Woman Tries to Slash Man WIth Broken Bottle At Occupy Seattle Camp

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 7, 2011

Police arrested a woman at Occupy Seattle's camp on Capitol Hill over the weekend after she allegedly tried to slash another camper with a broken bottle.

According to Seattle police, around 4:30 am Saturday morning, an officer driving by Seattle Central Community College—where Occupy Seattle protesters set up camp last month—heard two people screaming at each other next to a red truck parked near Harvard Ave and E Pine St.

The officer heard a woman scream "fuck you" and then heard a man yell "get out of my car," followed by the sound of shattering glass.

When the officer approached the man and woman, he saw the woman drop something to the ground.

When police spoke with the man about the incident, he said he was at the camp to  "collect garbage for Occupy Seattle," when two people got into an argument next to his truck.

When the man leaned out of his truck and told them to quiet down, the woman tried to attack the man, and opened the door to his truck.

The woman then broke a bottle on the truck, and swung a jagged piece of glass at the man, according to police.

Officers arrested the woman for assault.

She later told police she was trying to give the victim a sleeping bag.

A report for the incident doesn't clearly state that the woman was staying at the Occupy Seattle camp SCCC's campus, but the woman had several blankets with her when she was arrested.

According to court records, the 20-year-old woman has previously been arrested for assault, prostitution, and unlawful imprisonment. She is being held at the King County Jail on $950 bail.

A police source tells PubliCola the camp at SCCC has become a magnet for Seattle's homeless population, and some of the Occupy protesters haven't taken too kindly to their presence at SCCC. However, because the school has given protesters permission to set up tents on campus, the department is reluctant to tell people they can or can't stay in the encampment.

Instead, the source says, members of the camp have formed an "unwelcoming committee" to make certain people feel, um, unwelcome at the encampment. We haven't confirmed the existence of the committee or heard exactly how the "unwelcoming committee" operates, but we're looking into it.

In other Occupy news, Vancouver, B.C.'s mayor has ordered protesters to remove their camp after two people overdosed—one fatally—at the Vancouver encampment in the last week.

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