The latest batch of ballots just dropped at King County Elections. Although most of the city, county, and state elections have been decided, a couple of outstanding races---notably the race for an open Bellevue City Council seat, where megadeveloper Kemper Freeman spent thousands promoting his chosen candidate, Enatai resident Aaron Laing against retired attorney and light rail supporter John Stokes. As we reported in September, Laing could lose his house if Sound Transit builds its preferred route (the route opposed by Freeman and four members of the seven-member Bellevue council) through South Bellevue.

Currently, Stokes and Laing remain neck and neck, with 50.15 percent and 49.58 percent, respectively. That's a margin of just 141 votes. Sixty-eight voters in the count so far cast their ballots for write-in candidates. The next drop is tomorrow at 4:30.

In the only close Seattle City Council race, challenger Bobby Forch continued to creep up on incumbent Jean Godden, and is now trailing 47.79 to 51.84, a gap of 5,210 votes. If Seattle's turnout is the same as King County's projected turnout of 52 percent, though, Forch would need more than 60 percent of the outstanding ballots to defeat Godden---and so far, he hasn't broken 50 percent in any ballot drop.

In the only remotely up-in-the-air school board race, challenger Marty McLaren appears to have defeated school board president Steve Sundquist 52.84 to 46.74.

In Renton, city council candidate Ed Prince has won an open council seat after an ugly attack campaign by his opponent, Robin Jones.
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