The Prosecutor's NCAA Pool and Stolen Cigarettes

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 11, 2011

Today in Fuzz: Law firm representing local artist charged in gambling case prods prosecutors for their own gambling emails.

1) The law firm representing a local artist accused of  allegedly being involved with a series of underground card rooms around Seattle filed a public record request with the King County prosecutor's office earlier this week, asking for internal records on any gambling, or betting by prosecutor's office employees.

Five of the seven men charged with gambling following a joint Seattle Police Department/FBI investigation, Operation Big Slick, have pleaded guilty. However, DK Pan—who police claim was the "operational second-in-command" of the speakeasies, and allege set up the well-known Free Sheep Foundation art group as a front to raise funds for the illegal gambling operation—has opted to take his case to trial early next year. Public figures, such as former council member Peter Steinbrueck, have previously admitted to attending events at the speakeasies.

We were unable to confirm whether the request sent to the prosecutor's office is related to Pan's case—Pan's attorney was not available for comment today.

A source familiar with details of the request said one thing prosecutors will likely end up turning over are records of their "one dollar" NCAA basketball office pool.

2) Seattle police arrested a woman at a South Seattle business Thursday afternoon for her alleged involvement in a stolen cigarette and food stamps scam.

Police, working with Department of Social and Health Services and Department of Agriculture,  apparently learned the woman was buying cigarettes stolen from other stores "at 30 cents on the dollar," and reselling them. The woman was also allegedly buying food stamp EBT cards for cash, buying them for half of what they were worth.

Police apparently arrested the 39-year-old woman for investigation of fraud and trafficking in stolen property  while serving a warrant on a business near Rainier Ave S. and S. Pearl St.
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