Today in Fuzz: Target employee targeted in narcotics bust, prosecutors get tough in gang case

1) A West Seattle Target store employee became the target of an SPD narcotics investigation in October after surveillance cameras captured her allegedly dealing drugs to other employees outside the store. Police records say footage shows the woman involved in "classic behavior of narcotics sales," making hand-to-hand exchanges from her car, while parked in a handicapped parking stall in front of the store.

After reviewing security footage, police contacted the woman and had a drug dog, named "Zoe," sniff around her vehicle. Police ended up searching the woman's car and recovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia, although police records don't list the quantity recovered by officers.

It appears, however, that SPD did not book the woman into jail, nor has she been charged with a crime.

2) Prosecutors are playing hardball with an alleged Central District gang member charged in a drive-by shooting case in South Seattle in August.

An attorney for one of three teens charged with opening fire on a Metro bus near Rainier and Henderson on August 6, has asked a King County Superior Court judge to dismiss drive-by and weapons possession charges against his client. A motion filed by the teen's attorney claims prosecutors can't prove the teen and his co-defendants actually fired the shots from a car, and can't prove he ever had a gun.

Prosecutors don't seem worried about taking going forward with their case against the teen, a "well-documented member of the Valley Hood Piru" gang, with prior juvenile convictions for delivery of marijuana, attempted robbery, theft, and auto theft, according to court records.

In response to the motion, prosecutor Julie Kline sent the teen's attorney a stern letter, threatening to pile on more charges in the case. "I will also likely add the gang aggravator, which allows me to ask for a sentence above the standard range if found by the jury," Kline wrote, noting the teen, currently facing 41 to 51 months if convicted, could receive a sentence of 324 to 430 months with various enhancements.

"Your client is invited to plead as charged currently and ask for the low end if he wishes," Kline wrote.

3) Two days after I bought a bicycle, someone stole my bike seat.

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