Monday Jolt: Seattle School Board Edition

By Afternoon Jolt November 7, 2011

Today's winner: District 3 Seattle school board challenger Michelle Buetow.

Photo from the Stranger.

Buetow---previously described by the Stranger as a "menopausal beauty queen" and "a pretty blonde with a fashion sense that leans towards the tacky," including a "sexy leopard print dress and high heeled boots"---belatedly won the Stranger's endorsement today after the paper got  pissed that the candidate they originally endorsed, incumbent Harium Martin-Morris, supported a rule change giving school principals more power to censor school newspapers.

Declaring Martin-Morris a "frothing idiot," the paper's rewritten endorsement trashes the new rules, saying they would allow school principals to ban "news that makes people, say, upset or joyful."

With ballots due tomorrow, the endorsement flip could be a little late to help Buetow, who linked the Stranger endorsement on her Facebook page this afternoon: "Huge apologies for the following non-PG language in the PG world of school board races, but no way to link otherwise."

Meanwhile, the school district announced today they would withdraw the proposal just as Seattle School Board watchdog Melissa Westbrook was circulating an online petition against the new rule.

To read PubliCola's take on Harium Martin-Morris ("acceptable") and Michelle Buetow ("above average") check out our 2011 Election guide.

Today's loser: State Rep. Bob Hasegawa (D-11). 

Hasegawa, who has served the 11th District (South Seattle, Burien, Sea-Tac, Tukwila and the southern part of Renton) since being elected in 2004, will likely be pushed into the 37th District under the most likely redistricting proposal—which would transfer all of the 11th district's Seattle territory into the 37th (South Seattle).

Hasegawa would then have to run against either Sharon Tomiko-Santos or Eric Pettigrew, the two Democrats who currently represent the district.
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