Metro Proposes Cutting 42, Again

By Erica C. Barnett November 8, 2011

After a 2009 proposal to eliminate the Route 42, which is duplicated by Sound Transit's Link Light Rail route in Southeast Seattle, fizzled thanks to protests from Asian Counseling and Referral Services (they claimed their clients are unable to walk to light-rail stations, the most distant of which is a quarter-mile from ACRS' front door), Metro has again proposed cutting the underperforming route. The change would be part of Metro's June service update, which the agency unveiled last week.

Although the route only serves a handful of people (17 people board daily at the stops serving ACRS, a drop from about 50 per day before light rail opened) and costs about $11.15 per rider, compared to $4.41 per rider systemwide, its defenders are vocal and organized.

Cutting the 42 would allow Metro to increase service to other south end rotes that are actually crowded, including the 8 (Rainier Valley to Queen Anne through Capitol Hill) and the 9 Express (Capitol Hill to Rainier Beach), which the agency has proposed in the past but has been unable to do due to lack of funding.

I've covered the case against the 42 here, and Seattle Transit Blog has covered it here and here.
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