"Everybody Hates Us."

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 1, 2011

Today in Fuzz: Courthouse damaged in bizarre downtown shooting, gang member shot in Central District, SPD's officers of the year, pot dispensary robbed, and UW students pepper sprayed.

1) SPD gang detectives combed through the parking lots of two Central District churches last Wednesday after a gang member told police he was shot in the foot by a man armed with a shotgun.

When officers contacted the victim, he was hopping on one foot at at 13th Ave. and E Madison St. The man told police he was sitting on the hood of his car talking to his girlfriend when a man approached him and said "what's up now," before he blasted him in the foot with a shotgun.

When police asked the victim if he was in a gang, he replied "yeah, everybody hates us" and told the cops the shooting happened near one of two local churches.

Police searched around two churches on Dearborn St. between 24th and 31st Aves., but  officers weren't able to find evidence at either scene.

2) In what may be a not-so-subtle nod to the importance of the Department of Corrections' potentially-endangered Neighborhood Corrections Initiative program, the Seattle Police Foundation have named the North Precinct's NCI team—SPD's Chris McNulty and DOC's Jeff Sargent—Officers of the Year. (With the state's budget in the toilet, DOC's Neighborhood Corrections program could potentially face cuts.)

As part of the NCI, McNulty and Sargent both keep tabs on offenders on DOC supervision, and track them down when they violate the terms of their probation. In one big case last year, McNulty and Sargent tracked a DV suspect on DOC supervision to a Lake City home, where police found the largest cache of stolen property ever recovered by the department.

3) Police are looking for two men who robbed a medical marijuana dispensary at 12th Ave. and S. Jackson St. Monday night.

According to SPD, the two men—who were gloved and masked, and armed with handguns—"bum rushed" one of the employees as he was walking into the dispensary.

The men ordered the employees into a back room and demanded they open a safe before they took cash and fled.

4) The University of Washington sent out a school-wide bulletin to students earlier this week after two students were pepper sprayed near campus.

According to the alert, the two students got into an argument with four men in a purple Plymouth Voyager—with wood paneling!—near  NE 47th St and 17th Ave NE around 2:00 am on October 30th.  One of the men in the van pepper sprayed the students, and drove off.

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