Straight Out of "the Rand Paul Playbook"

By Erica C. Barnett November 8, 2011

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1) A tipster tells us King County Elections plans to count and release the results of about 260,000 ballots tonight at 8:15, meaning the elections office will have counted every ballot that arrived on or before Friday, November 4, and about a quarter to a third of those that arrived yesterday, November 7. The elections office is predicting turnout of 52 percent, or about 560,000, so the number of ballots counted tonight will be less than half of the total the elections office expects to receive.

2) Streetsblog, a national pro-transit blog, highlights Seattle's vote on Proposition 1--$60 car-tab fees for transportation---as one of a half-dozen key transportation measures around the country. Calling the allocation of the $204 million in revenues the fee would produce over five years "supremely civilized," and accuses opponents like the Seattle Displacement Coalition's John Fox of "taking a page out of the Tom Coburn/Rand Paul playbook," referring to the two Republican US senators opposition to funding the federal surface transportation bill, which includes substantial funding for bike, pedestrian, and transit projects.

3) City Council member Tim Burgess held a fundraiser at the swank Rainier Club last night hosted largely by leaders of the College Success Foundation, a Costco-founded group that funds scholarships and programs for low-income and minority students.

Burgess, who calls the event "an old-fashioned election eve party," tells PubliCola it raised between $5,000 and $6,000 for his campaign.

Given that Burgess is only facing nominal opposition from architect David Schraer (Schraer has raised $3,000 to Burgess' $240,000), the chichi event may have been more about 2013.

4) The Everett Herald reports that the ugly race for Snohomish County Executive---Democratic incumbent Aaron Reardon is being challenged by Republican Mike Hope, a Seattle police officer---is the second-most expensive local race in Washington State, with the two sides raising a total of nearly $525,000. (Only the race between King County Council member Jane Hague, a Republican, and her Democratic challenger, Mercer Island attorney Richard Mitchell, has been more expensive).

The Washington State Patrol is investigating allegations that Reardon misused county money to travel. Hope, meanwhile, was briefly suspended for abuse of power after trying to talk a Mill Creek officers out of arresting his date for DUI in 2000, arguing loudly with officers, calling one "small town," and saying "I hope you don't need a backup" if they came to Seattle.
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