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1) Bellevue Patch reports on a protest---which I mentioned in Campaign Fizz yesterday---outside Bellevue megadeveloper Kemper Freeman's office. Freeman has been funding mailers attacking Bellevue City Council member Claudia Balducci and council candidate John Stokes, who both support the light-rail line Freeman has made it his life's work to oppose.

According to the report, a few dozen protesters showed up yesterday, including some counter-protesters who accused the anti-Freeman crowd of representing "Seattle interests."
“The bottom line is it’s people from Seattle coming over telling us how to run Bellevue,” said Bellevue resident Bob Brunjes, adding that in the 31 years he’s lived here he has watched developers such as Freeman building a vibrant downtown.

Others said that while they supported light rail, they agreed with some of Freeman's objections to its location.

In front of Bellevue Place however, most of the demonstrators identified themselves as Eastside residents, from Bellevue and surrounding communities such as Redmond, Issaquah, Mercer Island and Sammamish. Fuse organizers said they did not invite any Seattle members of the group to the rally because it’s an Eastside issue.

Fifty-six percent of Bellevue residents voted to approve light rail through the city.

2) The Seattle Times profiles the candidates in the three Bellevue council races, including Balducci, her challenger Patti Mann, Stokes, his opponent Aaron Laing, incumbent John Chelminiak, and his challenger Michelle Hilhorst.

3) In a seemingly unusual move for a low-profile elected official who rarely takes public positions on ballot measures or candidates, state treasurer Jim McIntire appears in a campaign video opposing Initiative 1125, Tim Eyman's anti-toll, anti-light rail proposal, which McIntire calls "just too costly.""1125 would wipe out more than half a billion dollars from current transportation projects ... forcing us to choose either canceling critical transportation projects or passing higher taxes to make up the gap."

Quick aside: McIntire is a former Democratic state legislator—a flaming liberal who advocated for an income tax and was outspoken about his disdain for Eyman. So, while it's atypical for the state treasurer to cut an ad against an initiative, it doesn't strike us as that odd for McIntire to go after Eyman.

4) The Washington State Patrol has opened a criminal investigation into allegations that Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon misused public funds for travel, WSP spokesman Bob Calkins confirms. Calkins would not discuss the details of the investigation.Reardon had previously criticized his challenger, Republican Mike Hope, for trying to use his status as a Seattle police officer to get Mill Creek police officers not to charge his date with driving under the influence. Hope, who was suspended for five days, called one of the officers  “small town” and saying he hoped they “did not come to Seattle or need help or a backup” in the future.

In a statement, state Republican Party chair Kirby Wilbur said, "This is just another indication that Aaron Reardon is not fit to hold the office of County Executive. ... This criminal investigation into ‘misappropriation of funds ‘ fits into the pattern of incompetence, or worse, that he has set with his other questionable activities. Integrity is important in public officials and Aaron Reardon seems to be lacking in that department."