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Today In Ludicrous Public Disclosure Requests

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 31, 2011

Public disclosure requests are a great tool. They let reporters scour through the emails of city officials, and help activists keep government honest. They also allow reporters at weekly newspapers to carry on juvenile grudges with the mayor at taxpayers' expense.

On Sept 12—three days after Publicola published the findings of a legit public disclosure request about the tunnel, which inadvertently revealed that Mayor McGinn's Chief of Staff Julie McCoy has a potty mouthWeekly reporter Curtis Cartier sent an email asking for any electronic communications "from or to the mayor's office that include the following words:
bastard, bumblefuck, blowjob, cockbite, cock, cocksucker, cockjockey, clusterfuck, cocksmoker, douche, douchebag, damn, dammit, penis, pussy, major-league-pussy, fuck, fuckface, fuckhead, fucknut, fucker, shit, shithead, shitlicker, asshole, motherfucker, ass hat, ass goblin, ass pony, ass clown, Jesus Christ, Jesus tits, dickhead, fucking, fucking moron, fucking idiot, fucking buffoon, retard, crap, cunt, craptastic, sack wrangler, cum guzzler, prick, dildo, Steely Dan, Goddammit, God damnit, sweet shit, twat, holy shit, holy fuck.

Cartier's PDR for "salty language" apparently turned up 14 uses of crap, damn, and shit in a year and a half's worth of emails.
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