Phoenix Jones Says Arresting Officer Had "Vendetta"

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 10, 2011

In an interview with PubliCola this afternoon, Phoenix Jones, a self-styled masked crime fighter, says he feels "betrayed" by Seattle police—who arrested Jones Sunday morning near Pioneer Square. But he says he remains undeterred from his personal crime fighting mission.[pullquote]"I'm getting a new super suit...shipped to me and I plan on being on patrol soon."—Phoenix Jones.[/pullquote]

Police took Jones' black-and-gold armored suit and mask when they arrested him on the waterfront Sunday morning but, he says, "I'm getting a new super suit...shipped to me and I plan on being on patrol soon."

Jones—who's patrolled Seattle's streets with a colorful band of masked men and women since 2010, breaking up attempted busjackings and chasing after arsonists—was involved in a fracas under the viaduct around 2:30 am Sunday, where he police claime he pepper sprayed a group of men and women who'd been "dancing" in the street.

Police arrested Jones and booked him into the King County Jail for assault. He has not yet been charged.

Jones claims he was simply breaking up a fight, and contends police arrested the "wrong person."

Monday morning, Jones posted a shaky video of the incident online, which didn't do much to clarify the confusing altercation.

Following the advice of his attorney, Jones would not comment on the video, but did say that he has had a testy relationship with one of the officers who arrested him Sunday. "One cop just happens to have a vendetta, and he was the arresting officer," Jones said.

Since his arrest, Jones says he's received several threats on Facebook, and that he, his wife, and his children are now in hiding. "I'm concerned for my family," he says.

While Jones' already controversial public image may have been tarnished by this weekend's incident, Jones seems to believe he will be vindicated.

"I'm going to be acquitted of all charges, and I expect the Seattle Police Department to apologize to my family for putting them through this," he said. "I'm Phoenix Jones I can't change who I am."
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