Occupy Westlake: Armed Felon/Serial Exposer Edition

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 18, 2011

As the Occupy Seattle protest heads into its third week, the movement has become a citywide (not to mention national) phenomenon. It's also apparently becoming a magnet for whackos.

Last night, around 6:00 pm, police also arrested a 40-year-old felon at Westlake after he showed up at the park with a rifle. According to police, the man had rifle case—containing a short-barrel pistol grip rifle, which was not loaded—slung over his shoulder. When officers asked the man about the gun, he handed over 16 rounds of ammunition. Police learned the man is convicted felon, and arrested him for unlawful possession of a firearm.

Meanwhile, Seattle police officers assigned to the Occupy Seattle protests last week were on the lookout for a man suspected of exposing himself to children in five earlier incidents unrelated to Westlake. According to SPD, police learned, through social media, the man planned to attend the protests, and the department distributed fliers with the man's picture to officers at Westlake.

SPD arrested the man at his home in Kenmore early this morning.

In less wacky Westlake arrest news, officers arrested a 20-year-old man and a 73-year-old woman at Westlake last night. Police say the 20-year-old set up a tent in the park and was arrested. A statement from SPD says the "elderly woman stated that she wanted to be arrested" and "erect[ed] a structure out of signs." Officers obliged the woman's request, took her to the West Precinct and released her.
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