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1. "Bobby Forch, who is a leader on race and social justice."

—City Council Member Tom Rasmussen giving an unsolicited shout out to city council candidate Bobby Forch, who is challenging Rasmussen's council colleague, incumbent Jean Godden, at human services candidate forum in North Seattle on Wednesday night.

2. "To clarify, the structure that has been taken down is a Sukkah tent put up by an occupier, the supplies/medical tent is still up and untouched by the police."

—The Occupy Seattle website's report last night around 11 pm as the SPD arrested 10 protesters.

3. "In a debate in New Hampshire earlier this week, Romney said he’s running to support the middle class.  A few minutes later, he said he supports a huge tax increase on the middle class.  He can’t have it both ways."

—Washington State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz criticizing Republican presidential candidate Mitt  Romney, who held a fundraiser at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Seattle yesterday and spoke about trade policy at Microsoft in Redmond.

4. "They feel somehow business is bad. I don’t dislike you -- I love you. I appreciate what you do. I appreciate the private sector."

—Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaking to Microsoft employees yesterday in Redmond, complaining that the left is hostile to business.