Today's Winner: Attorney General Rob McKenna

One headline to come out of today's latest poll numbers was Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna's lead over Democratic US Rep. Jay Inslee in next year's much-anticipated governor's race. McKenna leads 43.9 to 38.4 in the Washington Poll.

But there was perhaps some even better news for McKenna in the poll. One issue that stokes McKenna's conservative base is the fact that he signed on to the nationwide lawsuit against the 2010 health care reform law—"Obamacare," the Tea Party faithful derisively call it.

The Democrats have focused on McKenna's involvement in the suit, claiming it shows McKenna is not the moderate he claims to be, and is out of sync with regular voters.

Whoops. The UW poll found that only 37 percent of Washington voters approve of the law, while 47 percent disapprove.

It appears not only is McKenna an all-star to the GOP base on this issue, but he lines up with more voters than Inslee, who voted for the law and stands by it.

Today's Winner: The Democrats

While the poll came with good news for McKenna, it also came with bad news for the GOP, which is struggling to line up a headliner candidate against incumbent Democratic US Sen. Maria Cantwell in 2012, a year that's supposedly promising for Republican challengers.

Cantwell's "favorable" rating is a solid 53 percent, the highest of any politician the poll asked about.

(Obama is at 52. McKenna is at 47. Gov. Chris Gregoire is at 44. Inslee is at 33. And the state legislature is at 32. Ouch.)

Tie Breaker: Advantage Democrats.

The Washington Poll also shows that voters support gay marriage: Only 38 percent would vote to repeal gay marriage if the legislature passed it, while 55 percent would not.

Gay marriage is anathema to the GOP—and McKenna is against it.