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McKenna Continues to Do Well (for a Republican) in King County

By Morning Fizz October 31, 2011

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1. In advance of next week's election, UW political science prof Matt Barreto has released some numbers from his Washington Poll.

Here are the results:

I-1183, the liquor privatization measure, is winning 50.3 to 42.8.

I-1125, Tim Eyman's measure to regulate tolling and kill light rail to the Eastside, is ahead 41.4 to 40. (Check out PubliCola's take on the initiatives and this year's ballot here.)

2. Also in the poll: Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna is beating US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1) in the 2012 governor's race matchup 43.9 to 38.4.

There are some interesting crosstabs on the McKenna vs. Inslee race: Republican McKenna continues to do well in blue King County. Matching other recent polls, McKenna is at 40 in the Puget Sound to Inslee's 45. Democratic candidates need to clean up in King County—Patty Murray got 65 percent in her 52-to-47 statewide win in 2010.

McKenna is also beating Inslee among undecideds: 44 to 28.

Barreto reports that he polled 938 registered voters in Washington State, and that the results come with a margin of error of 3.2 percent.

Check out the breakdown of the numbers here.

3. In more McKenna news, the story got picked up by the New York Times this weekend, and McKenna gets the mike:
Rob McKenna, the attorney general of Washington State and the head of the association of attorneys general that went after both Craigslist and now, says the issue goes beyond minors.

“I think we have to be careful to protect the First Amendment rights of publishers, but free speech does not extend to the knowing facilitation of criminal activity,” he said. “This is not just about children being prostituted, this is about human beings being trafficked into the sex trades, as adults and as children.”

4. It's pretty hard for campaign mailers to get voters' attention these days, but a union-backed independent expenditure ad on behalf of Democratic Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon in his reelection race against Republican (and Seattle cop) state Rep. Mike Hope (R-44, Lake Stevens) is pretty catchy.

Open up the mailer and it starts talking to you. It's the first one of its kind in Washington State; a health care worker named Pat Morris (pictured in the ad's gatefold) pipes in, singing Reardon's praises.

Coincidentally, the ad was produced by Moxie Media, the Democratic firm that got into trouble in 2010 for creating a Potemkin political committee to shield union and trial lawyer backers.

The Service Employees International Union 775 is behind this ad. They have not reported yet how much they spent.
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