Driver's Clash With Jaywalker Turns Violent, School Burgled, New Booze Rules for Bands

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 26, 2011

Today in Fuzz: Jaywalker pulls knife on driver, Point Break bandits busted, bands can booze it up on-stage, and computers stolen from middle school.

1) A dispute between a driver and a jaywalker in Ballard turned violent last week.

A man told police he was driving down 8th Ave. NW and NW 65th St. just before midnight on October 18th, when another man—sporting an always-nefarious handlebar mustache—jaywalked in front of his car.

The two men got into an argument, and the suspect reached through the victim's open window and punched him in the face.

The suspect then walked around to the passenger side of the victim's vehicle and tore off the passenger side window, a report says.

The suspect then flipped open a butterfly knife and flashed it at the victim before he walked off. The report says the suspect may have also slashed one of the driver's tires.

So maybe that's why SPD's started cracking down on jaywalkers.

2)  The Washington State Liquor Control Board has approved a proposal to allow bands and performers to (legally) drink on-stage. The proposal—expected to become official in late November—naturally comes with a few of its own new rules, prohibiting bands from promoting specific brands of booze or drink specials. Also, if any member of a band is under 21, the whole band is prohibited from drinking on stage. So it might finally be time to boot your kid brother from his keytar duties.

3)  Last night, police arrested two men suspected in a series of armed takeover bank robberies in the Seattle area.

According to police, since July 5th, the two men—who are both in their mid-60s—robbed five banks at gunpoint while wearing Halloween masks of presidents. Shoreline, Ballard, and West Seattle. Just like in Point Break!

A law enforcement task force took the men into custody in Lynnwood, and booked them into the King County Jail.

4) A thief broke into Whitman Middle School over the weekend and stole four computers, according to police.

An employee arrived at the school—on NW 92nd and 15th Ave NW on Crown Hill—early Saturday morning and found someone had used a cinder block to smash in a window to the school's computer room.

The suspect took four computers from the school, but officers found one computer monitor in the dugout of the school's baseball field.

Officers were able to get fingerprints off the computer monitor, and returned it to the classroom
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