Today in Fuzz: Police release details on Ballard, Central District murders; driver slashed in road rage confrontation; and man stabbed downtown

1) Documents just released by the Seattle Police Department shed a bit more light on a bizarre murder case, in which a man's severed torso was found at a recycling facility in Georgetown last July.

According to SPD records, three people contacted police in early June and said their friend, Donald Meyer, had gone missing. The friends had not heard from Meyer in a week, and had gone by Meyer's apartment. Meyer was nowhere to be found, but his friends located his cellphone. Meyer hadn't received any calls in a week, which was apparently odd as, police records say, he "sold marijuana and used his phone daily."

Friends also noticed the duffel bags Meyer usually used to store his scales and marijuana were missing.

Police later checked the apartment and found someone—not building management—had painted the walls in Meyer's room and replaced the carpet.

Detectives noticed small drops of blood and blood stains in a corner of the room, and called in a Crime Scene Investigation team. CSI detectives found blood stains "not visible to the naked eye" in the bathroom, and a "trail of bloody footprints to the kitchen," as well as a bloody mop in Meyer's apartment.

About three weeks after Meyer went missing, employees at a Georgetown recycling center found Meyer's torso amongst construction debris in a dumpster. Police learned that the dumpster had been picked up by garbagemen in Ballard, about a half-block from Meyer's apartment.

Police appear to have some leads in the case, but have not made any arrests in Meyer's death.

2) Police records indicate detectives are investigating whether a man shot to death outside a Central District "dope house" was killed after a love triangle turned violent.

Just before 4:30 am on July 26th, Central District neighbors awoke to a volley of gunfire.

Officers arrived at 19th Ave. and E. Yesler St. and found Demiko Chatman, 40, lying dead in a driveway, in front of  "a known 'dope house' where there is a lot of suspected narcotic activity," according to a police search warrant affidavit.

A woman flagged down officers arriving at the scene, and said she had been with Chatman—a Black Gangster Disciples gang member with a long criminal history, including assault, robbery, and burglary—who had driven to the home to "get some drugs," according to SPD records.

The woman told police someone had come up behind the car while they were parked in front of the home, and fired three to five shots.

The woman said she jumped from the car and ran off before she flagged down an officer.

Police records note officers were "suspicious of her answers" about the shooting, and found that at least one of the shots fired at Chatman came from the right side of the vehicle, rather than from behind as the woman had said.

Police documents reference that Chatman may have been involved in a love triangle, and that another man had recently smashed out his car windows and slashed his tires. Records also say Chatman told an acquaintance the other man involved in the love triangle had told Chatman he had a gun and would kill him if he saw him with the woman they were fighting over.

3) One driver was cut off and another was cut up in a violent road rage confrontation in SoDo earlier this week.

According to police, around 9:45 Tuesday morning, officers found a bloody scene at S. Industrial Way and 6th Ave. S., where one driver told them he'd been attacked by another motorist.

The other driver told police the victim had "cut him off and was rude," and had apparently confronted the victim at an intersection. The suspect got out of his car, walked over to the other driver, punched through the window of the car, and pulled out a knife or box cutter.

The suspect then slashed the victim four times, gashing his hands.

Police say the found blood on the ground and all over the victim's car, and arrested the suspect for assault.

4) Police say a man wounded in an apparent stabbing in downtown Seattle refused to talk to officers about what had happened to him.

Police aren't sure exactly where the man was stabbed—it may have been 3rd Ave. and University St. or 4th Ave. and Pike St., a police report says—but officers found the man with cuts and a stab wound to his chest just before 12:45 am on October 25th.

The man was "vague and somewhat uncooperative," the report says, and only told police he'd been attacked by a man who had asked to use his cellphone.

When the man was taken to Harborview, he told doctors he didn't want talk with police.
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