Campaign Video Slams #$#%##!! Port CEO Pay Raise!!

By Josh Feit October 24, 2011

Working Washington PAC, a union-backed political committee that's raised $99,000 this season and spent $15,000 to oust Port of Seattle Commissioner (and commission president) Bill Bryant, submitted a TV ad to Comcast that's heavy on the F-word. It was—no surprise to the campaign—rejected.

Their "Man-on-the-Street" interviews feature people who were pretty pissed about the Port's decision in March, backed by Bryant, to give Port CEO Tay Yoshitani a big pay raise.

"That's a lot of #[email protected]$% money!"

"That's #$%#@&& outrageous?"

Working Washington political consultant John Wyble said Comcast was game when they heard what he was thinking, but eventually told him it was too much. "They thought it was funny," Wyble laughs, but he says after it made the rounds at the company they decided against it.

Democrat Dean Willard is running against Bryant, a Republican who has support among liberals for pushing green policy at the port.

Port Commissioners Gael Tarleton (also up for reelection) and John Creighton voted against the raise, losing 3-2.
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