Campaign Fizz: Democrats for Hague, Republicans for Harrell

By Erica C. Barnett October 14, 2011

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• Today in hamburgers eating people:

Embattled Republican King County Council member Jane Hague, who's being challenged by Mercer Island attorney Richard Mitchell, a Democrat, snagged the endorsement of the Service International Union 775 local, the lefty home health-care union. Hague also has endorsements from Democratic state auditor Brian Sonntag, Democratic state Reps. Deb Eddy (D-48) and Larry Springer (D-45) and two King County police unions.

2) On the other side of the political aisle, Seattle City Council member, and Democrat Bruce Harrell (he's a party PCO) won an endorsement last month from the 36th District Republicans, according to a press release from his challenger, Brad Meacham.

Portraying the endorsement as a sign that Harrell isn't committed to "progressive values," Meacham said in his statement: “What does Bruce have to hide? His failure to release his answers to interest groups shows that he has tried to have it both ways on issues." We have an email out to Harrell's campaign to get his take on the surprising GOP nod.

• Today in grudges that refuse to die: Di Irons, sister of former King County Council member David Irons, wrote a $100 check this month to Hague opponent Mitchell. That wouldn't be unusual in itself---Irons has long given money to Democratic candidates and causes---except that the person Mitchell would oust would be a longtime ally of her estranged brother.

The Irons family feud is long and lurid, but the short version is that David ousted  Di's boss, then-King County Council member Brian Derdowski, costing Di her job. Di mounted a write-in challenge to David's campaign, and both his parents campaigned against him. The family has been estranged ever since.

• The Tacoma News-Tribune takes a look at the two proposed legislative redistricting maps for Washington State---one from the Republicans, and one from Democrats, breaking down which legislators would lose their current districts and who would stand to gain under the competing plans.

• Also in the TNT: Dueling op/eds by law-enforcement workers for and against I-1183, the Costco-backed liquor-privatization initiative.
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