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1) The Seattle Times profiles city council member Bruce Harrell and his opponent, former reporter and Municipal League leader Brad Meacham, today.

The piece trivializes Meacham and his critique of Harrell---noting that Meacham has "changed jobs every two or three years" and that his Muni League colleagues thought he was overbearing as a leader, while summarizing his campaign platform as accusing Harrell of being "all talk."

It also makes Harrell look somewhat foolish, calling his decision to add civil rights to his City Light committee "strange." Read the whole thing here.

2) File this one under "Why don't we get candidates like this here?"

The Tacoma News Tribune reports that Tacoma City Council candidate Robert Jesse Hill is risk to public safety and should undergo a mental evaluation before being released from jail, according to a state psychological analysis.
In a jailhouse interview Thursday, Hill, who was being held on six charges total, denied being dangerous and said he’s not mentally ill.

“It’s outrageous,” he said. “It’s legal slander.”

Hill, 41, said he made a smart-aleck comment to a Superior Court commissioner at his arraignment on the intimidating a judge charge and later found out he was to be evaluated for his mental competency.

Hill is being held in lieu of $90,000 bail.

3) About 11,000 voters on the Eastside will receive their ballots late, King County Elections announced today. The elections office failed to mail ballots to those voters on October 19 along with the rest of the 1.1 million ballots it mailed on October 19, and will mail them out tomorrow (October 29) instead. The office says the ballots should arrive in time for everyone on the list to cast their ballots.

It's worth noting, however, that the US Postal Service has been running several days late delivering campaign mail, which has taken three days rather than the traditional one day to arrive in voters' mailboxes. Ballots must be postmarked by November 8 to be counted in this year's general election.

4) The takes a look at "the hottest races" of the year, including Tim Eyman's I-1125, the Families and Education Levy, and the race between Jean Godden and Bobby Forch.