Anti-Israel Bus Ad Lawsuit Dismissed

By Josh Feit October 11, 2011

US District Court dismissed a lawsuit brought a group called Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign which tried to place Metro bus ads that linked US tax dollars to Israeli "war crimes."

The judge said:
In light of the totality of circumstances of this case, the court concludes that King County’s decision to reject the (advertisement) was a viewpoint-neutral and reasonable restriction in a limited public forum.

SeaMAC says the may appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. A press statement from the group today said:
“This may not be the legal system’s last word on the matter,” said Peter Lippman, [a] SeaMAC volunteer.

The statement also reiterates their case:
“Ads about abortion, atheism and other contentious issues have appeared on Metro buses.  SeaMAC’s ad used language from Amnesty International and the United Nations.  Why should criticism of the State of Israel be singled out for exclusion from buses or any other public forum?” said Carla Curio, a volunteer with SeaMAC.

For our previous coverage of the issue, which first hit the news last last year, start here.
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