Woman Slashed In Frightening Robbery In South Seattle Kicks Suspects' Asses

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 15, 2011

A robbery in South Seattle turned into a royal rumble last week after a woman Hulked out on two men who slashed her and tried to rob her.

According to police, the woman was headed to work, walking down Rainier Ave S. near S. Andover St just before midnight on September 11th, when she saw a half-dozen men standing around the intersection, and turned down Andover to avoid them.

As the woman walked down Andover, two men walked past the woman, and then turned and grabbed her.

One man put "both of his arms directly under and through her arm pit area and pulling upwards, restraining and holding her up," a police report says.

One of the men then pulled out a five-inch knife and told the woman to hand over her valuables.

When the woman said she didn't have anything, the report says the armed man "began slashing at her wildly and attempted to stab her."

The woman put her right arm up to protect her face, as the armed man slashed through her sweatshirt sleeve, cutting her arm.

The woman struggled with her assailants, and kicked the armed man in the groin, "causing him to crumple and disabling him," the report says. "She then immediately followed up by taking off her backpack, swinging and striking [one suspect] with it, knocking him down momentarily."

The second suspect backhanded the woman in the face, knocking off her glasses.

She responded by kicking him in the shin.

When the suspect bent over and grabbed his leg in pain, the woman kicked him in the face, picked up her glasses and ran to her work, several blocks away.

The woman worked an entire shift at her job before her boss apparently called police. The woman told officers did not initially report it because she was "embarrassed."

The report says the woman sustained several three to four inch cuts on her arm, and swelling in her face.
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