Today's Loser is Howard Schultz

You'll remember that over Labor Day Weekend, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz took out an ad in the New York Times calling for a truly bipartisan solution to the federal deficit problem. What's more, he started a campaign, joined by 100 plus big donors and CEOs to withhold campaign contributions until the politicians in DC grew up and stopped the partisan posturing.

Well, the big news of the week, to the glee of liberals, is that President Obama came on strong with some heavy political posturing, i.e. this week's NYT headline: "In Deficit Plan, Obama Drops Compromise for Confrontation."

No Labels—as in non-partisan—the group that's working with Schultz's "Upward Spiral" campaign is hyping another nationwide conference call to promote their non-ideological conversation.

Meanwhile, the high-dollar fundraising, including money from CEOs continues.
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