Today in Fuzz: More details on threats against SPD called into KOMO, teen beaten after refusing to date girl on Facebook, and knife-wielding suspect arrested in downtown McDonald's

1) Two sources say the man who called KOMO Television and threatened to kill a police officer every day for the next month contacted the station because of their ongoing lawsuit against the Seattle Police Department over access to patrol car videos.

Sources say the man apparently expressed support for KOMO's lawsuit, and then told the station he planned to kill an officer every day for the next 30 days unless the department released the videos.

The department sent a department-wide email to officers, warning them about the threat, which comes a little more than a month before the two year anniversary of the murder of Officer Tim Brenton, who was shot and killed in the Central District on Halloween 2009. 

2) In a weird family affair, the brothers of a 16-year-old girl allegedly beat a 13-year-old boy after her rejected their sister's advances on Facebook.

The victim in the case reported to police he'd met the girl on Facebook, and she had been sending him nude pictures of herself. The report for the incident notes the boy's "mother has the texts and pictures in her cell phone."

During their Facebook flirtations, the girl apparently asked the boy out, but he said no.

On September 23, the boy was at a bus stop at 23rd Ave. S. and S. Jackson around 3:00 pm when two men approached him.

The men said they were the teenage girl's brothers and "were going to beat him up for not going out with their sister."

A bus pulled up and the victim got on, but the suspects followed him.

The victim got off at 4th Ave. S. and S. Jackson and was walking toward the bus tunnel when one of the suspects hit him in the face. The other suspect then picked him up and "slammed" him onto the ground," the report says.

The suspects then took the boy's shoes and spit on him before they fled.

The boy reported the incident to police several days later.

3) Police arrested a man inside the 3rd and Pine McDonald's in downtown Seattle Saturday night after he allegedly slashed another man in a possible case of mistaken identity.

A report says the victim was walking down 3rd Ave. near Pine St. around 7:00 pm when the suspect approached him and accused him of robbing him several days earlier.

The victim tried to walk away from the suspect, and headed toward the elevator to the bus tunnel.

The suspect followed him, called him a bitch, pulled out a knife, and slashed the victim's arm.

The suspect then ran across the street into the McDonald's. Police arrived and arrested the man, and found a bloody pocket knife and a second knife, with a 10-inch blade, in the suspect's pockets.

The suspect admitted to officers he had confronted the victim and demanded his money back, but said he'd only pulled a knife after the victim punched him in the mouth.

Medics transported the victim transported to Harborview, and police booked the suspect into the King County Jail.

4) The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms doesn't want legally stoned people to have guns. In a letter sent to gun dealers around the country, the ATF informed dealers they should not sell firearms to registered medical marijuana patients. From the Chicago Tribune:
In a letter to firearms dealers in California and across the country, federal authorities are making their point explicitly clear that guns and ammunition should not be sold to registered users of medical marijuana.

Even if states like California allow medical marijuana use, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says the federal government still sees marijuana as an illegal drug. Laws preventing marijuana users and users of other controlled substances, from buying guns and ammo already exist, but the letter adds further clarification.
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