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By Morning Fizz September 15, 2011

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1. Yesterday, the city council's committee on the built environment considered legislation that could help preserve historic buildings in the Pike-Pine neighborhood by allowing their owners to sell off their development rights to landowners elsewhere in exchange for keeping the buildings intact.

The committee also considered a "compromise" version of the legislation that would concentrate the program, known as "transfer of development rights," just in the "core" of the Pike-Pine district, giving land owners outside the core only the partial ability to trade off development rights in exchange for preserving their properties---a proposal that, according to legislation sponsor Tom Rasmussen, "has no support, as far as I know," although he thanked committee chair Sally Clark, tongue in cheek, for providing a compromise alternative.[pullquote]But the Washington State Republicans tweeted right back. [/pullquote]

2. Yesterday, the state Democrats picked up on our story about the Koch Bros. connections to Rob McKenna, tweeting: "So much for that whole moderate thing."

But the Washington State Republicans tweeted right back.

Riffing off the fact that the Washington State Democratic Central Committee downloaded $200,000 (out of $1.6 million raised) into US Rep. Jay Inslee's gubernatorial campaign account in July (without disclosing the names of the people behind those donations), the Republicans tweeted:
@washdems if getting 0.5% of total funds from gop is a "problem," what does it say that D's secretly donated 12% to @JayInslee? The total Koch related contribution accounts for about half a percent while the unitemized transfer from the State D's accounts for 12% of all of Inslee's money. Just some perspective.

3. Just three months into the 2011-2013 biennium, the state Economic and Revenue Forecast Council is set to announce today that revenues will be drastically lower than budgeted.

The legislature cut $4.6 billion last session to forge, many all-cuts advocates boasted, a "sustainable" budget. However, legislators budgeted on 12 percent growth and now may only see 8 percent growth, which could put the state in the red.

Editorializing here, but without addressing the revenue side of the equation, today's news will show that all-cuts is not a sustainable formula.
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