Home Invasions, Queen Anne Stabbing, And An Attempted Robbery In the U-District

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 27, 2011

1) Three men were bound and pistol-whipped in a home invasion near Lake City early Friday morning.

One of the men told police two armed men knocked on the door of his home on 17th Ave. and N. 107th St. at around 10:30 p.m. on September 22nd, walked into his home, and ordered the man and two of his friends onto the ground.

The suspects—who were carrying handguns—taped the victim's hands together, covered his face, and pistol-whipped him.

The suspects then fled the home after taking a number of items which aren't detailed in a police report.

All three victims sustained head injuries during the incident, and had a hard time answering officers' questions.

However, when police asked one man if they could check his house for evidence, the man told officers there was "no reason to do that because the [suspects] left nothing behind and that the house was messy."

2) Police are looking for a man suspected of stabbing his wife at their Queen Anne home Monday night.  Police say the 24-year-old suspect stabbed his wife at their Lower Queen Anne home at about 6:45 pm and fled.

Officers recovered the knife near the scene, but were not immediately able to find the suspect.

Medics transported the woman to Harborview. Police say her injuries are not life-threatening.

3) A man narrowly escaped a group of muggers in the University District after he was attacked Friday morning,

A police report says the man was walking home along NE. 45th and Brooklyn Ave. NE. at 1:00 am when he heard footsteps behind him. A group of three men approached the victim and  began "hassling" him.[pullquote]One suspect—who was carrying a stick or club—told the victim, "empty your pockets motherfucker," and struck the man in the face.[/pullquote]

The men asked the victim if he had any money, and wanted to know what was inside a grocery bag he was carrying.

As the victim walked up to his apartment building, the group of men began yelling at him.

One suspect—who was carrying a stick or club—told the victim, "empty your pockets motherfucker," and struck the man in the face.

The victim ran into his secure building, closed the door behind him, and called police.

Seattle police arrived to take the man's report, and learned that University of Washington police had stopped several possible suspects just a few blocks away, on 42nd Ave. NE.

The victim wasn't sure whether they men stopped by UWPD were the ones that had attacked him, but UWPD officers booked them into jail anyway for another robbery incident that night.

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