Cleaning Up Hing Hay Park, Vigilante Style?

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 15, 2011

A group of neighbors in the International District have been working to raise money to install surveillance cameras around Hing Hay Park to scare off the riff-raff.

But it seems that someone in the neighborhood has another plan for scaring people away from the park, which has long been plagued by problems with drug dealing.

Seattle police were called to Hing Hay Park—on 6th and King St—just before 11:00 pm on September 11 after receiving a report that someone was firing BBs into the park.

A man and a woman in Hing Hay told officers someone has been shooting a BB gun into Hing Hay for two weeks, and that they'd heard BBs hitting a tree in the park that evening. The woman told police she was hit in the head by a BB two days earlier.

According to a police report, "the incidents only happen at night."

The victims pointed out a building across the street where they believe the shots came from.

Police contacted a maintenance man at the building, who said he'd pass on the complaint to building management.


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