Campaign Fizz: Starting to Open their Checkbooks

By Erica C. Barnett September 27, 2011

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• Yet another survey, this one by Portland-based Moore Information, shows Republican AG Rob McKenna ahead of Democratic US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA,1) in the 2012 race for Washington State governor.

The new poll shows McKenna leading Inslee 37 to 32. Interestingly, the gender gap that showed up in other polls did not appear in this latest survey, which has McKenna leading 37-30 among men, and 36-33 among women.

In the Seattle metropolitan area, McKenna led Inslee 36-35---a dead heat.

Previous surveys by SurveyUSA/KING5 and Strategies 360 have also showed McKenna leading Inslee.

• In the race for City Council Position 1, currently held by Jean Godden, former Argosy Cruises partner John Blackman gave $250 to Jean Godden challenger Bobby Forch. Blackman, previously a Godden supporter (he maxed out to the two-term council incumbent last year, giving a total of $700), contributed $500 earlier this year to Godden challenger Maurice Classen, whom Forch knocked out in the primary.

Godden, meanwhile, got a $150 contribution from state Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-36) and another $250 contribution from venture capitalist Clayton Lewis, AKA city council member Tom Rasmussen's longtime partner. Although Lewis contributes fairly frequently to local incumbents, Carlyle's only recent local contribution was a $700 check to former city council member Jan Drago's campaign for mayor in 2009.

• Families Yes, the pro-Families and Education Levy campaign, raked in another $25,000 from investor Nick Hanauer and his wife Leslie this month, bringing the couple's contribution to the well-funded campaign to $30,000. Other big contributors to Families Yes include downtown developer Matt Griffin and his wife, consultant Evelyne Rozner ($30,000) , investor Stuart Sloan and his wife, Karen Sloan ($25,000), Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and his wife, Sheri Schultz ($25,000), and Costco CEO James Sinegal ($20,000).

This batch of funders largely dovetails with the "Education Reform" agenda donors who are also contributing to the Seattle School Board incumbents.

• Citizens Against Raising Car Tabs, the group that's organizing against the $60 car-tab fee on the ballot in November, started with the backing of a group of social-justice lefties and neighborhood activists who believe car tabs are not only regressive but will disproportionately benefit wealthy developers like Paul Allen. (Earlier this month, for example, Seattle Displacement Coalition founder and CART leader John Fox debated city council member Nick Licata, who supports the tabs, at the Metropolitan Democratic Club).

Now, lacking the big-money contributors of their opponents (who got big checks from Transportation Choices Coalition and Vulcan) the lefty populists are starting to open their checkbooks.

They include: Fox, who's given a total of $610; Ballard resident (and bag-tax opponent) Kenneth Bertrand ($120); LBJ aide Ted van Dyk ($500); SE Seattle Crime Prevention Council president (and light-rail opponent) Mariana Quarnstrom ( $100); Women in Black activist Thalia Syracopoulos ($40); anti-tunnel and Magnolia neighborhood activist Elizabeth Campbell ($50); anti-tunnel and pro-McGinn advocate Yusuf Cabdi ($50); housing advocate David Bloom ($50); and lefty Columbia Legal Services attorney Ishbel Dickens ($50). One somewhat surprising contribution: Longtime Seattle City Council central staffer Martha Lester, who gave the campaign $50.

The pro-car-tab fee campaign, meanwhile, landed the endorsement of the Aerospace Machinists union yesterday.

• In other endorsement news, socially conservative populist state Rep. Mark Miloscia (D-30), endorsed state Rep. Roger Goodman (D-45) for Congress today. Goodman is running for the US House seat being vacated by Jay Inslee (D-WA,1), who's running for governor. Calling Goodman, whose claim to fame is marijuana reform, "one of the most thoughtful and innovative policymakers in the State Capitol," Miloscia said in a statement, "I'm amazed by the number of substantive bills he has passed. Roger is ethical and speaks the truth, and he's just the straight-shooter we need to break the dysfunction in Congress."
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