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• PubliCola hears that city council member Bruce Harrell is openly discussing the possibility of a run for mayor in 2013, and is annoyed at the presumption that his council colleague Tim Burgess is the only council member who may be opposing Mayor Mike McGinn.

• City council member Jean Godden is accusing her challenger, Seattle Department of Transportation manager Bobby Forch, of using his sick time at the city for campaign purposes, the Seattle Times reports. Between June 1 and August 31, the Seattle Times writes, Forch used 96 hours of sick leave, or about 14 days. The Times reports:
Forch took a lot of time off this summer, according to the records request released by SDOT. Between June 1 and Aug. 11, he took 125 hours of vacation, 96 hours of sick leave, and 64 hours of executive leave -- the equivalent of nearly 36 days off.

He took four hours of sick time and four hours of vacation time on July 27 -- and then appeared at the Washington Bus' goofy Candidate Survivor event that evening. The Godden campaign said it found at least two other days when Forch took sick time and made public campaign appearances.

Forch chalked the sick leave up to taking care of ailing family members, calling the attacks "highly disappointing. "

• Last week, Gov. Chris Gregoire reportedly told the Connecting Washington Task Force, which is charged with coming up with a statewide transportation revenue package next year, that her priorities for transportation projects were "jobs and the economy."

Given the three recent fatal bicycle collisions in Seattle, PubliCola asked Gregoire's office whether safety would be among her priorities. Her spokesman, Scott Whiteaker, said that while "jobs and the economy are certainly a piece of it ... safety across all modes of transportation is going to have an impact on the discussions that Connecting Washington is having."

• If you think Seattle politics are boring, just head south: The Tacoma News Tribune reports that a candidate for Tacoma City Council, Robert Jesse Hill, has been arrested and is being held in the Pierce County Jail on charges that he threatened Tacoma Municipal Court Commissioner Randy Hansen, calling him a "punk-ass bitch." Hansen increased Hill's bail on charges that he pepper-sprayed two people last month.

Hill---who was recently ejected from the Tacoma Dome after he tried to "gain access to" singer Taylor Swift---has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.
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