Bike Thieves, Student Robberies, and Pooping Burglars

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 30, 2011

Today in Fuzz: Bike thief caught near UW campus, student robbed near high school, and burglar poops in man's home.

1) University of Washington police arrested an alleged bike thief and recovered two stolen bikes near campus earlier this month.

Police first took notice of the alleged bike thief back on August 30 when UWPD officers spotted a man pushing two bikes down Pacific Street near 15th Ave. NE.

Officers asked the man why he had two bikes—UW's campus is a particularly hot spot for bike theft—and the man told officers he was taking his and his girlfriend's bike to his car to lock it up.

Officers photographed the man and the two bikes and let him go.

Later that day, two people contacted UW police and reported someone had stolen their bikes, which were similar to the bikes the suspect was seen with earlier that day.

A few weeks later, on September 21, officers again spotted the suspect—along with another man—cutting a security cable on a bike chained to a bike rack.

When officers approached the men, they took off, but UW police were able to catch one of the men. Officers booked the 23-year-old man into the King County Jail for obstruction.

Police also found  a bike in the 23-year-old man's car that was reported stolen. Both bikes were worth about $1800, police records say.

Jail records say the man was released later that day, and has not yet been charged. It appears the man has previously been arrested in Portland for auto theft.

2) A high school student was robbed in a park near Nathan Hale High School in north Seattle Wednesday afternoon.

The teen was walking through Meadowbrook Park—just south of the school—around 3:20 pm on September 27, when two other teens walked up to him and asked "hey, bro! Do you have a phone?"

One of the teens shoved shoved the victim, and the suspects began digging through his backpack. As the boys rifled through the teen's bag, discarding its contents on the ground, one of the boys told the victim "you won't get hurt."

The suspects took the teen's cellphone and fled. The victim went home, told his parents, and reported the incident to police.

3) A man called police on September 26 and reported that someone had broken into a rental property he owns in South Seattle, stolen a computer, and pooped in the living room.

A report says the man had evicted several tenants from the rental home—at 108th and Beacon Ave S—a week earlier and was preparing to rent the house.

He's arrived at the home, found that someone had broken in the back door and stolen a computer, which belonged to the previous tenants.

The report says the man showed police where someone had "defecated" in the living room.

The man also told officers he'd called police the night of the burglary, but that no one had come to the house to take a report.

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