Backpage Responds to AGs

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 23, 2011 has finally responded to Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna's call for the site to shut down its escort ads or provide documents proving the company is actively working to prevent juvenile sex trafficking on Backpage.

Unfortunately, it's still unclear what Backpage intends to do. A spokesman for AG McKenna confirmed Backpage had sent a response, but also declined to provide details because AGs on the east coast had not yet had a chance to read the letter.

A spokesman for Backpage, Sam Fifer, declined to provide a copy of the response, but said " forward to working with the attorneys general and law enforcement at all levels to prevent misuse of the site."

When asked whether Backpage planned to make any changes to its site, Fifer said "I’m sure we’re going to have a dialogue and figure it out."

We're working to get a copy of Backpage's response.
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