The Morning Blotter: Man Bites Woman, Accuses Her Of Trying To Steal His Drugs

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 4, 2011

A woman was bitten by a man in Belltown last week after he tried to steal her purse and claimed she was trying to steal his drugs.

The woman was walking along 3rd and Lenora around 9:45 pm on July 30th, looking for her boyfriend's car, when she saw the suspect sitting in a stairwell.

"The suspect looked dirty, kind of like a doper," the report says, adding that he "made [the victim] feel uncomfortable."

The woman walked past the suspect, and then heard footsteps behind her. The suspect ran up behind the woman, grabbed her purse, and shouted "you tried to steal my dope!"

The woman struggled with the suspect, who bit her left thumb, breaking the skin.

Two bystanders pulled the suspect off the woman, and he fled south on 3rd Ave.

The victim flagged down a parking enforcement officer, who called for a patrol officer and medics, who treated the woman at the scene.

The woman told officers said she was going to a doctor because "she was worried about infection."

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