The Morning Blotter: Cyclist Says Driver Tried To Run Him Off The Road

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 2, 2011

A cyclist called police last week after a driver tried to run him off the road near the waterfront, a police report says.

The cyclist was headed to work on Alaskan Way at about 6:45 AM on July 28th, when he approached a construction area near Spokane St.

"Bicyclers are required to switch back and forth between the roadway and a bike path" in the construction area, the report says.

Several cars passed the cyclist as he moved back and forth between the road and bike path, but one driver got close to the cyclist and tried to force him off the road, according to the report.

The driver sped off, but when the victim rode up to King Street, he saw the suspect stopped at a stoplight and walked in front of the car to try to get its license plate number.

The suspect spun his tires and rolled his car forward, almost hiting the cyclist.

The suspect threatened and swore at the victim, who later told police he "might" have said something like "get out of the car, you asshole,' to the driver.

The driver got out of the car and shoved the victim in the chest, before he got back in his vehilce and drove into the Hanjin Shipping parking lot nearby.

The cyclist left the scene and rode to work, but on his way along the same route the next day saw the same car parked in the Hanjin lot and decided to call police.

The victim told police he was concerned about riding on the same route and running into the suspect again.

A police officer went to the Hanjin lot and found the suspect's vehicle, but was not able to locate the driver.

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