The Morning Blotter: Cops Find Stolen Bikes In Prolific Thief's North Seattle Storage Unit

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 3, 2011

Seattle police are once again investigating a prolific bike thief after police found an alleged chop shop in the man's North Seattle storage facility.

According to an SPD search warrant affidavit, the man—who has not yet been charged with a crime—is known to be "actively involved in the 'chopping' and reselling of stolen bicycles," reselling them on Craigslist and at pawn shops. Last March, found stolen bikes in a Lake City storage unit rented by the man.

One thief recently told police the man is "the go-to guy" for thieves trying to sell stolen bikes in Seattle, the affidavit says.

Officers discovered the man's latest chop shop on July 13th after an acquaintance of the man called police after he got into a fight with the bike thief.

The bike thief's acquaintance had gone to the man's storage locker on 115th and Aurora, and found two people sleeping inside.

The acquaintance got into a fight with one of the men in the storage unit, and was walking out of the storage facility when he ran into the alleged bike thief.

The acquaintance also fought with the bike thief, and eventually flagged down a passing patrol car to report the incident.

Police entered the alleged thief's storage unit, where they learned that one of the two people sleeping there was a felon with a warrant for identity theft.

Police found five bikes in the unit including a Specialized brand bike worth at least $4,000.

We'll check in with prosecutors today to find out whether they plan to file charges in the case.

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