The Morning Blotter: Cops Arrest Alleged Puppy Thief In Cal Anderson Park

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 16, 2011

Police arrested a man in Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill Friday afternoon for allegedly attacking a man and stealing his puppy in the Central District.

According to police records, the victim of the puppynapping told police he met a woman in Cowen Park near the University District earlier this month, who said she knew someone who might be interested in purchasing a puppy.

A week later, the victim met with three men at his Central District home, where the suspects began playing with the victim's pitbull puppies.

During the visit, one of the suspects walked out of the victim's house, and the victim noticed one of his puppies was missing.

The victim confronted the men, and grabbed the puppy out of one suspect's hand. 

One of the men told the victim he wasn't going to pay $300 for a "mutt," and then grabbed the victim , put him in a headlock and twisted one of his arms behind his back.

The suspect then told the victim "I'll beat you till you're dead if you don't release the puppy!"

The suspects then left the victim's home with at least one dog.

Four days later, a friend of the victim was in Cal Anderson Park when he spotted the suspects with one of the victim's dogs.

The man called the victim, who came to the park and contacted police. 

Officers came and arrested one of the suspects, who admitted to taking the victim's dog.

Police booked him into jail for investigation of robbery.

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