Home Invasion Thwarted By Fridge

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 23, 2011

A University District resident thwarted a home invasion at his apartment with a fridge and some green paint.

Just before 6:00 am on August 14th a man awoke to the sound of someone kicking in the front door of his apartment at 47th and Roosevelt.

Moments later, the victim felt a suspect shaking his foot as he lay in bed, trying to rouse him.

The suspect told him he was "going to kill him if he didn't give him his drugs," the report says.

When the victim said he didn't have any drugs, the suspect tried to punch him, and shoved him up against a wall before he picked up a golf club and started swinging it at the victim.

The suspect then fled the apartment, but called the victim a few minutes later and told him he was going to come back and shoot him.

The victim was apparently terrified the suspect was in fact going to come back, so he pushed his refrigerator in front of his broken front door to prevent the suspect from getting in again.

Indeed, about ten minutes later, the victim heard the suspect trying to get back in.

This time, the victim apparently grabbed some green paint and threw it out a front window at the suspect.

The suspect again fled, and the victim called police

The victim told police the suspect is from Snohomish County, and that he knows him through mutual friends.

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