Group Forms to Protest Bus Cuts

By Erica C. Barnett August 11, 2011

A group affiliated with a "revolutionary collective" called the Black Orchid Collective is organizing a campaign called the Free Riders Union to protest a potential 17 percent cut to Metro service. In an open letter to bus drivers, the group writes, "We refuse to pay more for less service. Your bosses have increased adult fares 165% since 1993, and are raising the the youth fare 50 cents in September. Riders can’t afford it. The economic crisis is making it hard for many of us to get by, just like it’s making it hard for many of you to get by."

The King County Council will decide on August 15 whether to put a temporary $20 license fee to preserve service on the November ballot, or simply pass it with a council vote. Both actions require a supermajority of six council members.

The Free Riders Union has not responded to an email to its contact address.

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