According to the hot shot political insiders at Politico, US Rep. Jay Inslee has the advantage in his matchup with Attorney General Rob McKenna in the governor's race. (Politico also calls the Washington state governor's the hottest one in the country.) This is the third month in a row Politico has given the edge to Inslee.

Here's their reasoning for giving August to Inslee.
1. Washington

Despite a flap over how much money he could roll over from his federal account, Rep. Jay Inslee took an early fundraising edge over Attorney General Rob McKenna.

With the help of a late transfer from the state party, the Democratic congressman ended up with about a $300,000 advantage over his Republican foe.

There's still that $1 million federal transfer to sort out. Originally, Inslee thought he could move it into his gubernatorial kettle in one fell swoop, but state election officials reconsidered, ordering that each contribution be disclosed and adhere to state limits.

Nonetheless, whatever federal money that makes the cut will just be icing on the cake for Inslee.

Who Won August: Inslee

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Personally, I think Politico is underestimating how frustrating the state's second opinion on Inslee's transfer has been to the Inslee camp—and how costly. By first telling Inslee he could transfer DC money over without state limits, but then saying he couldn't, Inslee stands to lose tens of thousands of dollars.
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