Campaign Fizz: The County, Potholes, and the Tunnel

By Erica C. Barnett August 15, 2011

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• Richard Mitchell, the Mercer Island attorney (and former counsel to Gov. Chris Gregoire) who's running against King County Council member Jane Hague, just sent out a hard hitting mailer attacking his fellow Hague challenger, John Creighton, based on the fact that Creighton's former girlfriend accused him of stalking her and sending her dozens of intimidating and sexual text messages, a story first reported on PubliCola.

Here's the mailer:

Simultaneously, Mitchell sent out a feel-good email about how he cares about the future of the county's kids. But it's clear which one will have the bigger impact. Ballots for the primary election must be mailed in by August 16.

• Over at Crosscut, former state Department of Transportation director Doug MacDonald has a piece arguing that the city council should put an $80 vehicle license fee on the November ballot, based on the fact that the city had to fix more than 10,000 potholes last year. (The previous year's tally was 6,500). The city council will vote tomorrow, August 16, on whether to put a vehicle license fee on the November ballot, and on how large the fee should be; the current consensus seems to be a $60, 10-year proposal put forward by council transportation chair Tom Rasmussen.

• City council member Mike O'Brien and People's Waterfront Coalition founder Cary Moon wrote a letter to the West Seattle Herald yesterday making a last-ditch case against the deep-bore tunnel, arguing that the state has not allocated any money yet to rebuilt Alaskan Way, the surface street that runs along the waterfront. "While the 2009 Memorandum of Agreement for the tunnel promised $290 million to build Alaskan Way, this funding is not budgeted in the current tunnel project plan," the letter says.

• King County Council member Bob Ferguson---historically not a donor in city of Seattle races---gave $250 last week to Maurice Classen, a King County deputy prosecutor who's challenging city council Position 1 incumbent Jean Godden. The last time Ferguson gave money to a Seattle City Council candidate was in 2007, when he donated $100 to council incumbent Sally Clark.
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