Cab Driver Working For School District Investigated For Pimping Disabled Teen

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 22, 2011

A cab driver under contract with Seattle Public Schools is under investigation for allegedly pimping out and having sex with a disabled teen he regularly drove to school last year.

According to police records, in the fall of 2010, the girl's mother "began to suspect" her daughter was involved in a sexual relationship with a cab driver contracted by the Seattle school district to transport the girl to her high school in North Seattle.

On several occasions, the teen—who is bipolar and suffers from a fetal alcohol syndrome disorder—has come home after meeting the cab driver with money and cigarettes, police records say.

At one point, the girl ran away from home and later returned with the cab driver, who tried to convince her parents to tell administrators at the school that she was no longer living at home.

The girl's mother began monitoring her daughter's emails and instant messages, and intercepted a chat between her daughter and another person posting under the name Bonjourbill who  asked the teen "if she wanted to make money 'tonight.'"

"Bonjourbill" told the teen his cousin has asked him if he knew a girl "to play with him."

The teen agreed to meet the cousin in 15 minutes, but the girl had to cancel the meeting when her mother wouldn't let her leave the house.

"Bonjourbill" also "talked about being horny himself" during the chat, police records say.

Records also note that during the conversation, the teen referred to "Bonjourbill" by another name, which is the cab driver's nickname.

Police records say the girl's mother has spoken with the teen about her relationship with the cab driver. On at least one occasion, the teen has admitted to having sexual contact with the man. However, she has denied the relationship at other times.

The girl's mother told police her daughter "is disabled and Bipolar and lies easily," records say.

Police interviewed the man in June, but he denied having any sexual contact with the teen and said he'd only texted with the girl a few times. He did admit to giving her a $25 Visa gift card after she asked for money.

Police records indicate that sexual contact between the cab driver and the girl would not be illegal, because she is over 16. However, police say the man could still lose his taxi license "since he met [the teen] while he was contracted by Seattle Public Schools to transport her to school."

Prosecutors have not yet filed charges in the case.

A school district spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment.

It's unclear if the man is still under contract with the school district.

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