Burgess Wants to Know What You Think of Potential License Fee

By Erica C. Barnett August 11, 2011

City Council member Tim Burgess is doing a survey on his web site to gauge voter opinion about transportation in Seattle---specifically, whether voters will support an $80 vehicle license fee or whether they would prefer the council put a smaller fee (or no fee at all) on the November ballot.

The survey starts with general multi-choice questions like: "Of all the problems facing Seattle, what do you believe are the TWO MOST SIGNIFICANT problems?, with answers including climate change, congestion, public safety, the economy, and transit; "What do you believe is the most important transportation issue facing Seattle?" (the viaduct, congestion, inadequate transit, potholes, or other); and "Given our current economic conditions and limited resources for transportation, which is MOST important to you?"

Then it goes on to ask whether respondents support increasing the vehicle license fee to fund transportation projects; and if so, how large they think the fee should be.

The survey doesn't include a link to any results. Burgess says he plans to release the results on Monday, and calls them "yet another measure of what people are thinking---another data point." At a public meeting last night on the license fee, public testimony skewed strongly in favor of the highest possible VLF ($80), and a project list that skewed more toward transit than road maintenance.
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