1. The Seattle City Council is getting set to vote on the vehicle license fee on Tuesday and council member Nick Licata has an amendment that would prohibit any spending (for studying or otherwise) on extending the South Lake Union Trolley north to Fremont and Ballard. His amendment wouldn't cut off money for other streetcar expansion, though, such as the downtown connector or the First Hill to Aloha line.

The amendment, being pitched as a fiscally prudent move, is likely to have support from Licata's council colleagues because—even though they're not as antagonistic to streetcar spending as Licata—Mayor Mike McGinn likes the idea of getting the streetcar North, and the council certainly doesn't want to give McGinn a win.

2. Speaking of voting on Tuesday (and McGinn), Fizz was surprised to hear from several sources that polling shows the pro-Ref. 1 side (pro-tunnel) inching ahead.  A word of caution to tunnel fans: History has shown that you cannot underestimate McGinn's anti-tunnel troops. [pullquote]Fizz was surprised to hear from several sources that polling shows the pro-Ref. 1 side (pro-tunnel) inching ahead. [/pullquote]

We have not seen the polling.

3. Jason Bennett, political consultant for King County Council candidate Richard Mitchell, has filed a campaign finance complaint against Mitchell's election rival, Port Commissioner John Creighton. (The two Democrats are both challenging Republican incumbent Jane Hague.)

Among many alleged violations, the complaint points out that Creighton has spent $19,000 in  general election contributions on the primary race.

4. The PI.com's Joel Connelly had a funny post on Friday reporting that Tim Eyman "threw a tantrum" over the fact that King County Council Republicans Jane Hague and Kathy Lambert decided to vote with the Democrats to pass the $20 vehicle license fee to prevent Metro cuts.

5. And dynamite local crime reporter Jonah Spangenthal-Lee has yet another scoop from the underworld: the SPD rescued another underage prostitute through the Village Voice/Seattle Weekly's Backpage.com escort page.

And according to Spangenthal-Lee's report, the girl had no trouble advertising on Backpage.com
According to two sources familiar with details of the investigation, when detectives interviewed the girl, she told them she had posted the ad on Backpage.com herself from a public library in Seattle.

The 16-year-old girl used photos of herself stored on a USB flash drive in her ad, which she paid for using a pre-loaded Visa credit card.

The girl told police she could easily post an ad on Backpage.com in about 10 minutes, a source says.