Two More Plead Guilty In Speakeasy Case, Agree to Testify Against Co-Defendants

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 29, 2011

Two more men of the seven men charged with running underground gambling clubs on Capitol Hill, and in Ballard and Belltown have agreed to plea deals.

Prosecutors say Brady McGarry and Eric Sun pleaded to gross misdemeanor charges of working in a gambling establishment without a license (three counts for McGarry, two for Sun), which carries a maximum sentence of a year in jail.

Two other men, Ian McNamara and William J Donnell III, have already taken plea deals. Two other defendants, Howard Thoren Honeycutt and Rashad Thompson, are now fugitives after they failed to show up for court.

Prosecutors say James Miller has not yet taken a deal, and local artist DK Pan--who police claim ran the Free Sheep Foundation art group as a front for the speakeasies--is scheduled for trial in January 2012.

As part of his plea deal, McGarry has agreed to testify against other defendants in the case, who have yet to plead.

Prosecutors have recommended community service for Sun and McGarry.

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