Seven Arrested In "Riot" At Beacon Hill Party

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 26, 2011

Seattle police arrested seven people at a Beacon Hill home last Friday after a party turned into a "riot," according to a police report.

Around 11:50 pm on July 22nd, police records indicate officers received several complaints about "lots of people being exceptionally loud" at a home on 30th Ave S and S Dakota St.

When officers pulled up to the house, they heard a large firework explode behind the house and saw a large green burst of light, Officer Stephanie Marks wrote in her report.

Officers saw several people standing on a deck outside the house and asked to talk to the person who lived at the home about the noise.

One woman asked police "how do you know it even came from here?" and told officers they would need a "fucking warrant" to enter the home, according to a police report.

The woman and several other people on the deck refused to identify the resident of the home to police, and then walked inside house and locked the doors, the report says.

"The decision was quickly made that it was time to break up the party and discover the name of the resident," Officer Marks wrote. 

Officers then entered a gate on the side of the home to try to identify the resident of the home, and determine whether several people seen drinking at the party were over 21.

According to the report, when police walked through the gate, they were "met with both verbal and physical aggression" as a group of partygoers surrounded officers and began yelling they needed a warrant to be on the property.

Police say a group of about 30 people surrounded the three officers at the scene, and backed the officers up against a patch of bushes on the property, while filming the incident with their cellphones.

A partygoer then approached police and told them the resident of the house was out front and waiting to talk to officers.

When officers moved to the front of the house and found the man, he refused to give police his name and "dodged the suggestion to calm his party participants down saying he would only calm them down after police had left the scene," Officer Marks wrote in her report. "I repeated that the situation simply does not work that way and that before I could leave the scene I need to know the party was not only quiet but calm and no longer aggressive." 

The sergeant at the scene ordered officers to arrest the resident for public disturbance and obstruction, and things quickly got ugly.

According to Officer Marks, "[P]arty participants were fast reaching the point of riot with the level of aggression they were showing towards officers, encroaching on us and screaming profanity at the top of their lungs, swinging beer bottles about and placing cell phones and middle fingers in our faces."

Police say the "crowd started to go wild," and shouted "go away, fuck the police," before they "surged" towards officers.

One officer tried to close the gate on the side of the house to keep partygoers away from officers, but the group pulled the officer into the crowd.

Police say partygoers punched the officer in the face and body, hit him with a beer bottle, "causing him to see stars and splashing him with beer."

Another suspect hit an officer with a shovel, the report says.

Police called for backup and officers were able to take seven people in to custody, the report says. "However many more could have been made as this situation had erupted almost immediately into a riot," the report says.

Several officers and arrestees received medical treatment at the precinct following the incident, according to the report.

According to several sources familiar with details of the incident, several of the people arrested at the party are self-described anarchists.

The day after the incident, several posts appeared on anarchist messageboards claiming police had made a "coordinated attack" on the party, claiming officers attacked partygoers with "a shovel, bottles, Tasers and batons" :

Last night there was a party at an anarchist house. Things were fun and fine but around midnight two pigs came into the back yard of the house without permission. They called for reinforcements and around a dozen cops attacked the partygoers, hitting some with a shovel, a bottles, Tasers and batons, severely injuring several and arresting 7.

A post on also indicates a group of 30-40 people held a "noise demonstration" outside the King County Jail in support of the people arrested at the party. PSA claims 15 more people were arrested during the demonstration.

We're working to get more details on the arrests at the demonstration, and find any video of the party melee. We haven't found any video yet, but we'll keep checking and update this post if we do.

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