The Morning Blotter: Medical Pot Courier Robbed Near Seattle Center

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 13, 2011

A medical pot courier lost several hundred dollars worth of marijuana during a robbery near the Seattle Center last week.

According to a police report, the courier pulled his car into a parking lot just east of the Seattle Center around noon on July 8th to meet with a man who'd contacted him on Craigslist about purchasing two ounces of medical weed.

The suspect met the victim in the parking lot,  and climbed into his car. The report says the suspect was 'shaky" and nervous.

When the victim asked to see the suspect's paperwork, the suspect snatched a two-ounce bag of pot—worth $450—from the victim's lap and threw it out of the car.

The victim tried to grab the suspect, but the suspect punched him and jumped out of the car.

The victim followed the suspect, but lost him when he jumped into a green Camaro and fled the scene.

Following the robbery, the victim spoke with police and explained he is a "volunteer" for a medical marijuana distributor. He works as a courier for a medical marijuana dispensary, and is paid in pot. He has his own medical pot card, but is not an authorized distributor, the report says.

While the victim was talking to police, he contacted his bosses at the dispensary, who instructed him to tell officers he was "not interested in cooperating with an investigation and/or prosecution" and that this was a "relatively small loss" for the business, which led to this exchange:

"Before we parted ways, the victim asked me if he was doing anything wrong," Officer Sam Cook wrote in his report. "I told him that he should consult with a legal advisor to get his questions answered about the legitimacy of his volunteer work."

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