The Morning Blotter: Man Jousts With Cars On Aurora

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 28, 2011

Seattle police arrested a man on Aurora Ave last weekend after he took a swing at several passing motorists.

Just before 10:00 pm on July 24th, police received reports of a man walking down the street near Aurora Ave and N 68th St, swinging a baseball bat or 2x4 at passing cars.

Responding officers spotted the man at 55th and Aurora, and took him in to custody.

Police talked to one victim, who said he had to swerve to avoid the man, who was standing in the middle of the street swinging a 2x4 at cars. A police report says the suspect threw his bat at the victim's vehicle, denting it.

The suspect apparently did not respond to officers' questions when he was arrested and mirandized.

Police found a 2x4 lying in the street along Aurora, but determined "it had been run over several times and did not have any evidentiary value," the report says.

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