Sound Transit Recommends Near-Doubling of Parking Garage

By Erica C. Barnett July 8, 2011

Despite Sound Transit's policy of discouraging people from parking at its stations, an updated environmental document calls for a massive expansion of the proposed parking garage at the planned S. 200th St. light-rail station---from 630 spaces to as many as 1,100. According to a State Environmental Policy Act Addendum issued this week, Sound Transit decided to expand parking in response to a study that showed "a potential demand
for more parking stalls at the Station."

The parking proposals include: A new parking garage could  as tall as nine stories (with two of those levels underground); two parking garages, one four stories high and one six stories high; or a four-story parking garage combined with a 630-space surface parking lot.

According to Sound Transit spokeswoman Kimberly Reason, the agency decided to add the new parking because "empirical data" since light rail opened have shown that there's a huge demand for parking near the S. 299th station, which is functioning as an "interim terminus" for the rail line in Seattle.

"We're trying to build additional capacity to handle reality-based data on how that parking will be realized and functioning as an interim terminus before we extend it further," Reason said. "Originally, the plan was all concept and now we have real data to tell us how much the Tukwila/International Boulevard station] is being utilized.

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