Customer Says He Was Drugged, Robbed at Capitol Hill Men's Club

By SeattleCrime Staff July 12, 2011

Our neighborhood news partners CHS with the ugly allegations:

The man told police that he went to Tribe -- you might know it as Basic Plumbing -- on Saturday night, July 2nd after he visited another nearby club and left because it "appeared dirty and its clientel (sic) seemed shady." Another patron recommended the 10th Ave club, the man said. SPD says the man told officers he went to the club because he was lonely and "stated that he was aware that these private clubs are basically locations where Gay people have sex and do drugs."

Inside, the man told police he socialized for about four hours and was feeling buzzed but still felt in control of his faculties when he met a "cute" man who the victim said was a staff member. The suspect invited him upstairs to "party" in one of the rented rooms available at the club, the victim told police. Upstairs, the suspect had more meth than the victim said he "had ever seen before."

The man told police that he and the suspect were doing drugs when suddenly he was grabbed and forced down onto the bed. The man said the suspect then dropped a small ball of meth known as a "gut ball" into his mouth and also forced him to drink a liquid. "Take this, it will relax and calm you," the suspect allegedly said as he held the man down on the bed. The man told police he immediately began to feel the effects of the drugs saying he was "disoriented and no longer had physical control of his person, or aware of his surroundings."

Scary story, right? Problem is, the rest of the man's story doesn't quite add up including his assertion that the alleged thief was able to grab a Visa from his wallet that conveniently still had the PIN number attached. CHS reports police continue to investigate.

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